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Charitable trust in the memory of late Porandla Mahesh,

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we help poor and needy people

we help poor and needy people


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Awesome work makes people happy

Awesome work makes people happy
The Porandla Mahesh Charitable Trust is a private foundation that was founded in 2013 by the Porandla Bhoomaiah. Mr. Bhoomiah have a keen interest in assisting others, especially children and youth so that they might have opportunities for more secure futures.

The Trust supports selected local, regional, and national organizations in the India and United States serving children, youth, and families. The Trust also supports work of selected organizations that improves or increases their effectiveness in delivering services, including efforts to alleviate critical shortages of healthcare providers, non-profit management, and other areas of need identified by the trustees. The Trust is particularly interested in supporting work that intentionally utilizes persons fifty years old and above who wish to use their expertise and life experience to assist organizations and individuals in fulfilling their goals.


Helping poor children for education

Want to help some one? Get in touch!

Want to help some one? Get in touch.